• DST On The Go Protective Package

    $60.00 $55.00

    This new "On The Go" package consists of 1 DST clear tote, 1 DST Wristlet, 1 DST bracelet* and 1 protective face covering (of your choice).  

    Here is a list of all our protective face coverings from which you can choose (see website for all face covering pictures):
    • DST Fortitude
    • Black and Red "VOTE"
    • Red and Black Rhinestones with Pearls
    • #Hopeful
    • Faith (large script on front)
    • Faith (small script on side)
    • But God...
    • Waymaker
    • Blessed
    • Vote
    • African Print (Black and Red)
    • Plain Black
    Stylish protective face coverings for general everyday use.  The dimensions are 11 inches wide and 5 inches in length.  There is a replaceable inner filter.  Comes with two (2) filters.

    * The bracelet will be selected for you by Distinctive Couture staff.

    These protective face coverings are not medical grade face protective masks.  Distinctive Couture does not make any representations or warranties regarding their ability to protect from, or prevent, communicable diseases.